We are a group of friends who met through our love and addiction of 'The Sims' game. All of us are avid builders who have decided to share our creations so that others may enjoy playing with them as much as we enjoy creating them !

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Val ~ Webmistress & Designer ~Lots ~Walls ~Floors ~Roofs & Objects

Marvin Fitgers ~ Designer ~ Lots ~ Floors ~ Walls

Bloodrunner ~ Designer ~ Walls ~Floors ~ Objects

Mazz ~Designer ~Lots ~Graphics ~Floors and Roofs

Splice ~ Designer ~Lots ~Walls and Floors

70's Rock Star ~ Designer ~ Lots

AA ~ Designer ~Lots ~ Walls

Phyllis ~ Our Resident Hacker

Hiki ~ Designer ~ Lots

Judy ~ Designer ~ Lots ~Walls ~Roofs ~Objects

Mr Risjad ~ Designer ~ Lots

Milo Bean ~ Designer ~ Lots



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Established November 3, 2003